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7 Things That Will Make or Break Your Online Business Efforts

(DO NOT USE ANY Omaha Local SEO Services Until You Read This!)

We hear it time and again. Business owner after business owner get on the phone with us and tell their story of how they paid through the nose for an Omaha SEO Company Provider or Internet marketer and came up completely empty. They saw very little or even no results at all. And guess what? These frustrated business owners didn’t just throw a couple of bucks at the Internet and call it a day. In some cases, they literally spent tens of thousands of dollars on SEO to see no return on their investment.

But here’s another thing to consider…

SEO AgencyThis can happen with any type of advertising campaign, and it’s not just true when it comes to marketing on the Internet. Let’s take the Yellow Pages as an example. They still charge a small fortune to run a tiny ad in the phone book.

And the return on investment in most cases… Absolutely nothing!

Here’s the sad truth…

We know so many businesses (they call us all the time) that have spent thousands of dollars wishing, hoping and praying for a miracle. They paid for SEO services and unfortunately, they connected with the wrong people. They didn’t even come close to reaching the page one of the search results. And that’s sad, and completely unnecessary we might add.

And then there’s the little guy that scrapes together a couple hundred dollars to pay for a small SEO campaign. You know what I’m talking about… The kind of services that basically provide no value. Some SEO company consultants are just out to grab a quick buck and they really do not have your best interest at heart.

Interested in chatbots marketing?

Then there are the outsourcing SEO services that actually do things. Blogs and websites see movement. The business sees social media activity. But in the end, even though things seem to be looking up and moving in the right direction, these services do not end up adding any revenue to the company’s bottom line. They end up being a complete waste of money. And when it comes to the Internet, there are so many ways to fail if your SEO company doesn’t understand marketing, sales funnels, social media interaction and conversion.

This kind of thing really breaks our hearts. We hate seeing this happen to good people. Marketing – especially on the Internet – is a critical aspect of any company’s success in today’s digital world. When your marketing budget is tied up in useless services, it can really bring your company down.

This bothers us tremendously. We hate watching good businesses – especially those that provide a valuable product or service – go by the wayside because they were duped into buying the latest and greatest new Internet marketing traffic trick that does absolutely nothing when it comes to bringing in new customers.

And what’s worse… We hate seeing good, quality companies buy SEO services from an Omaha SEO company who, for whatever reason, can’t seem to live up to their promises because they do not understand Google, the semantic web and the future of search! It’s been a whole new ballgame for a while now since the ongoing Google SEO updates continue to unfold.

And it gets even worse unfortunately…

Business owners have become so skeptical of the so-called SEO experts. Guess what? They should be skeptical! And so should you! SEO company employees are bombarding you with faxes, phone calls, emails, snail mail, direct mail and any every other way they could possibly get in contact with you. They are telling you that they have solved the problem. They have the solution to all of your troubles. They’re going to help bring your business to the top. They know how to market your business online.

But when you think about it, here’s what’s wrong with this picture…

You are seeing so many conflicting marketing messages. It’s unbelievable how often this happens. And most managers and business owners have been beat up along the way with underperforming or non performing Local SEO services. They’ve had their wallets lightened by this type of activity up and down the information superhighway. How about you?

There’s so much to lose and so much at stake. Your financial future. Your business. Everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve. It can all disappear in the blink of an eye. We understand your pain. Never let this happen to you again.

So we have to plead with you today! Please pay attention and use the information that we are about to share with you. Use it to protect your business. Use it to preserve your livelihood. Use it regardless of whether you plan to contact us regarding local SEO services today or in the future.

You are going to come across other Internet marketing companies. You are going to run into other services that will quote you prices. Use this information to figure out if they are legit. This could potentially end up saving you thousands of dollars, and even more important, it will let you know if you’ve found an SEO company that provides valuable services, and not just a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

Let’s dive into the details without any further delay

Keyword Research: Do You Know What Your Market Is Searching for? keyword-researchIs there any point to ranking for something that no one is searching for? Not really. At least from the standpoint of your business. It’s not going to help boost your bottom line.

We see people jump for joy over first page rankings that no one is searching – at least in the very beginning. But then the inevitable happens. A few weeks down the road, or maybe a few months, the company owner realizes that the untargeted ranking didn’t actually do anything for their business. It didn’t bring in any new customers. It didn’t convert to any sales. It was only a cool thing to tell people, and nothing more.

“But I hit page one of Google!”

Here’s the problem…

Your SEO company missed a huge step in the process. They overlooked the most important part of Search Engine Optimization. Yes, we’re talking about keyword research.

When dealing with EVERY SEO company, they must… I repeat MUST... Show you what the potential prospects in your market are looking for when they propose to do business with you.

If the marketing company ignores or overlooks this step, end the phone call or meeting instantly. They are never going to help you. As a matter of fact, they will end up taking your money like a thief in the night while you walk away from the experience gaining absolutely nothing but an empty wallet and broken dreams.

That’s the harsh truth. Many of you reading this have been duped in the past. Fallen victim to this exact scenario. You probably didn’t even know it at the time. But now you know. And now you can begin thinking about giving the Internet one more try. Because in truth, digital marketing is a necessity in today’s business world. You can’t ignore the Internet any longer if you plan to succeed.

Here’s the beauty of it all…

Google is literally willing to hand you the keys to the kingdom. They provide search engine related data for free. They let you know exactly what your market is searching for, and tell you how many people are searching each month. You can tap into this information whenever you want.

Always remember, the data isn’t perfect. And it’s based on how many people are clicking Google advertisements – otherwise known as Google Adwords ads. But it’s a great way to get an overall feel of your market and what your ideal prospect is looking for. This SEO keyword data will give you key insights.

Professional tip: When speaking with an SEO company, make sure they are sharing “exact match” search results as opposed to “broad match” searches. Exact match is the more conservative figure, but it also closely represents the true market potential. On the other hand, broad match includes many related phrases. But they are not necessarily the exact phrases that your customers are searching. Exact match is a more realistic indication of the truth.

Is Local SEO the Perfect Fit for Your Business?

Now that you know what your market is looking for, let’s break out the calculator. It’s math time!

You might’ve hated math in school, but you’re going to love it today. This math is going to tell you whether SEO will add more money to your bottom line or turn out to be a losing proposition. Every legit SEO company CAN and SHOULD help you make this evaluation.

Let’s look at three numbers to help you decide if SEO services are right for you:

  • Average Visitor Value
  • Your Target Market’s Search Volume Quantity
  • The Price of Doing an appropriate SEO campaign

If you manage to obtain number one rankings for all of the search phrases in your market, would you make significantly more money than your SEO campaign costs? There’s no easy answer to this question. But if you use the three numbers above, you’ll at least be able to come up with a solid estimate.

There are other factors to consider. Conversion rate plays a major role. The lifetime value of your average customer is also another factor. But you need to start somewhere in order to gauge your potential return on investment from your SEO services.

Here’s the deal…

If it looks like Google, Yahoo and Bing will only add a small amount to your bottom line over the next year when ranking on page 1, it’s probably not worth it to spend the money for professional Local SEO services.

But on the other hand…

If you do the math and it shows you that you can, on average, rank at the top of page 1 for the keyword phrases in your market and add 10x more money compared to the cost you are paying for SEO optimization, then that's a great ROI

Drumroll please… We have a winner!

But it’s impossible to make this estimation without completing the first step, which is keyword research.

There’s no question that Social Media Marketing can provide serious value. But that can vary greatly from niche to niche. So like SEO,  estimating the value of social media for your business is difficult at best.

Social media can generate lots of activity. There’s no question about it. But it’s never easy to measure the progress. Some people consider Facebook, Google + and Twitter a waste of money when it comes to Internet marketing. But it’s not, because it ties into business branding and it’s also a significant algorithm factor in the future of SEO and the semantic web. So even though it isn’t easy to measure the results, it is a necessity to survive in today’s online marketing world.

Pay Per Click, otherwise known as PPC, is easier and more accurate to calculate. But it’s also more expensive than SEO. The cost of doing business through PPC hits you each and every day. On average, business owners spend 50% to 150% more each year! But most companies think they are stuck. They don’t realize that they have a choice. A top quality SEO company is worth its weight in gold when they drive targeted search traffic without the need for expensive PPC.

Now please understand… PPC works. It’s excellent if you can use it to turn a profit. But at the same time, SEO traffic is highly targeted and costs less money. Why not save a bundle for a better version of the same traffic?

SEO is by far a best practice when taking into consideration the cost of an SEO campaign and the predictability of ongoing traffic and customer conversion. Contact us to find out more.

How Does Google View Your Website? Does Google even know you exist? Do they like your site? Or does it seem like they are not paying attention?

googleIt’s possible – and extremely important to your success – to figure out what Google and the other search engines think about your site. You can do this through On Page and Off Page SEO analysis.

4 Main Factors of On Page Analysis

  • Are you using the right keywords in your page title?
  • Do you use the best keywords – or slightly varied versions – in your website text?
  • Have you properly set up your site’s internal linking structure?
  • Are visitors responding to your site? (Meaning do they like the look, feel and flow and as a result are getting website conversion.)

This isn’t everything. But it provides the thousand foot view. And the best part… This stuff is possible for us to fix if you have it wrong.

4 Main Factors of Off Page Analysis

  • Are there any sites linking back to you? How many?
  • Does Google have a high opinion of the sites linking back to you?
  • Are the sites linking back to you relevant to your industry, location etc.?
  • Are the sites linking back to you using anchor text? If so, what text?

Again, there are other factors that come into play, but this gives you a good idea of what’s happening Off Page SEO.

The other problem… It’s difficult to control Off Page SEO factors yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing. In truth, many SEO experts do a crappy job with this part of the equation. That’s why our clients reap the benefits! We understand Google, Yahoo and Bing and know how to optimize your project to give you a competitive advantage.

Are You Ranking for Anything? Getting Traffic?

By setting up website analytics and ranking traffic software, you can obtain invaluable information about the health of your website consistently. Have you done this?

If not, stop what you’re doing and give us a call right away. We need to set this up ASAP to get your digital marketing efforts back on track. Call us at 800-419-7150 and we’ll get started.

In truth, visitor tracking software is commonly available, so it’s crazy not to have it. It’s a fantastic way to obtain and analyze your website data. Website analytics systems can start capturing this information as soon as it is installed.

This information is priceless because it tells you exactly what Google thinks of your site and whether you are relevant or not. This is fantastic information to have available. Set it up yourself or call our Omaha SEO company to help. Don’t hesitate. Do it now.

Does Your Site Contain Duplicate Content? You can check for duplicate content by using a website named Copyscape. Someone may have copied your online content. Your writer or search engine specialist may have cheated by copying the content from elsewhere. Or were you the one?

Copyscape will let you know if your site is filled with duplicate content. In a perfect world, you will see zero results – which is what you want. But on the other hand, if results do come up, it’s necessary to take the right steps to fix this.

It’s simple to do. Look over the Copyscape results and reword or rewrite the content so that it’s no longer a duplicate.

Search engines frown on duplicate content. There are ways to curate content and share valuable information without it being completely original. But your site’s main content should always be original.

When Google decides which website deserves the #1 slot, they pick the site that is the authority in the niche. Even if you were the original creator, there’s no guarantee that your site will rank first.

This is important information to know before beginning an SEO project. You don’t want to waste your time trying to rank a page that Google considers duplicate, or inferior. You’ll never make it to the top with this type of content.

By failing to complete this step, you can waste a whole lot of money on SEO services. Why not have our Omaha SEO experts help you instead?

How Tough Is the Competition? Are the Page One Websites Competitive?

Here’s the deal…

easy-difficult-SEOYour market and the best keyword phrases might be filled with very tough competitors. Or there may be no real competition at all. You have to learn about the competition in your Omaha SEO market because it directly affects the amount of money needed to crack the top spots on the first page of Google and the other Omaha SEO results pages.

Your SEO company may try and use a lazy technique known as competing pages to measure the competition. This is not an accurate result. The only thing that matters is the competition on the first page. You should care less about the competition on the 100th page, 50th page, 20th page or any other page for that matter other than the first. They really aren’t your competition because you don’t want to rank in their spots.

Think about it this way…

If you had the chance to play a one-on-one game of basketball for $1 million, who would you rather play against? Do you want to go up against Lebron James or your two-year-old niece? The choice is simple. It’s really no contest!

You must always look closely at the competition on the first page of the Omaha SEO results for your most potentially profitable keyword phrases. Without taking this step, you’ll never be able to figure out how much money it’s going to cost to reach your traffic and ranking goals. You’ll have no idea how long it’s going to take to reach the Promised Land.

Without proper competition research, you may wake up one day in six months and realize that the competition is way too tough. You’ll spend a serious amount of effort, energy and money and never reap the desired rewards. Let our Omaha SEO agency help you avoid this at all costs through proper research and competition analysis.

Do You Have an Action Plan? What Steps Need to Be Taken? Has your SEO company shared an appropriate overview and SEO action plan?

Best of searchNow don’t get us wrong. The SEO company doesn’t have to share everything with you. They do not need to outline every single tiny detail. But they must provide a general overview and the plan to execute the campaign that is reasonable. This way you understand exactly what’s going on and know that it is customized for your company and business model.

But remember this…

The Internet changes all the time. What’s relevant today may change six months from now. The plan has to be relevant and up-to-date based on today’s Local SEO. And it must be updated as time goes by, due to algorithm updates happening and the like.

And the plan may change every month. The search engines are ever evolving, and your plan of attack has to evolve along with them. As a matter of fact, the best Omaha SEO expert knows that you have to ramp things up slowly. You cannot go full blast right out of the gate. You’ll sandbox your site and cause more harm than good.

If your Omaha SEO company tells you that they plan to build as many backlinks as possible – like 1000 or more – every month, look for a new provider. They are coming in hot and heavy and they’re going to damage your site and kill your chances at search engine optimization success. Immediately look for a new Omaha consultant as soon as possible! Or better yet, give us a call.

In Conclusion…

Ranks-16We’d like to share a story to really hammer home the information we’ve made available to you throughout these seven steps. It shows you how easy a business can burn through their Local SEO marketing budget if the wrong steps are taken.

We recently brought in a new client that had a full-time Omaha SEO specialist on the company payroll. Do you have any idea of the results? He didn’t have any first page rankings. Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zilch.

Do you know how much he paid to hire this employee? $50,000 a year and full benefits. All for nothing. Not one new customer came in through the website from this employees work.

But here’s the real tragedy… This happens all the time. Thousands of businesses experience a similar fate each and every year.

We deliver Omaha local seoLocal SEO results. We will set up an intricate network of web properties that will make your business the go to authority in your market. There will be so much social proof pointing to you as the expert that you can’t be ignored!

If you have a full-time SEO specialist on staff, fire him or her! Don’t waste your hard-earned money to experience little or no results. The best providers would never accept a position for $50,000 a year. They can make more money elsewhere.

We can take you from zero rankings and blanket the Internet with your marketing message via Omaha Local SEO, social media, ppc, video and other techniques!

How does that sound?

For a short time, we are offering a free online marketing analysis. At the minimum, this service is worth $1000. Other companies charge a small fortune for this analysis and do a terrible job.

If you’d like to finally have your digital marketing dollars WORK for your business, here’s what you should do immediately:

Call your friendly neighborhood Omaha Local SEO geeks @ 800-419-7150. Or if you prefer, click here to send us an email so we can learn more about your business.

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