Seo Tips for Lawyers - Keyphrases


We usually don't make it a habit to share content from our competitors sites and blogs but when it comes to search engine optimization tips for lawyers we thought we would make an exception this time.  🙂

If you're a lawyer looking to get leads from your website this is a pretty good article to read to help you with your keyword phrases.  If you have any questions or a comment of your own after reading it let us know by posting here on the blog.

The use of keyphrases on your law firm’s website has always been necessary in order for the website to rank in Google. In the past, you could use these keywords freely, but now it’s especially important to take a minimalist approach to keyword usage.

Last year, Google’s Penguin updates, paired with their ongoing Panda updates, changed the rules for how websites were positioned in the search engine. Google is continuing to do updates, and launched the most recent one at the end of January.

In a report being organized by search engine optimization | Law Firm to be released next month, the company tested some minimal keyword usage on some of their newly launched sites.

One client, a catastrophic injury and wrongful death law firm in Washington D.C., saw a first-page ranking for “Washington DC wrongful death lawyer,” as well as other related terms, like “dc wrongful death attorney” just three months after launch. The practice area pages mentioned the keywords, but did not over-use exact-match phrases....More at Too many keywords are keeping your law firm down » search engine optimization | Law Firm

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